Ford F-150 Tops New and Used Sales

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2020 Ford F-150

It can be tough to stay at the top of your game for more than a decade. However, there is one truck that has seemed to stand the test of time, and that is the Ford F-150.

The Ford F-150 is well-beloved and best-selling for many reasons. For one, it is a decently affordable truck with a lot of add-on options in even its most basic model. It’s rugged and built to last, and its popularity over time has left it relatively easy to fix and find parts for. It has a pretty decent payload, and it has appealing upgrade packages. And, for what it’s worth, it is a comfortable truck for both individuals and families.

So, it’s easy to see how, according to recent reports, the Ford F-150 has been dominating not only in new car sales but also in used car sales.

The F-150’s Unending Popularity

Since its advent in the 1970s, the Ford F-150 has, quite literally, been America’s best-loved truck. It was the number-one truck in America for thirty-seven years since it was released and has always been Ford’s best seller. This past year, it was also shown to be America’s best-selling truck by a landslide. Out of the fifty states in the nation, the F-150 was the top seller in thirty-two of them. This included both new and used vehicles, as well as both metropolitan and rural areas.

The popularity of the Ford F-150 is unsurprising, as Ford is one of America’s most beloved brands. Ford, after all, is a testament to American ingenuity. Therefore, it is especially unsurprising that the F-150 speaks to the influence of consumer trends in the car industry.

Car Sale Trends of the Past Decade

One of the biggest trends is that people are gravitating toward trucks and SUVs over sedans. NPR deemed 2016 “The Year of the Truck,” and sales of trucks have only gone up since that year. 2016 was known as “The Year of the Truck” because of the record number of truck sales for Ford, Jeep, and Toyota that year. Additionally, the number of sedan sales slipped low – the same article called the Sedan “an endangered species.”

So, what caused the significant shift from affordable sedans to trucks? A few factors. The most considerable push, likely, was how much lower gas prices have been over the past decade compared to the decade before it. Many bought sedans out of necessity, as older trucks cost more money and got worse gas mileage. However, as well as gas prices becoming more reasonable, newer trucks and SUVs have bettered their gas mileage as a whole. Some have even begun to beat the gas mileage of older sedans.

Then, there’s the question of safety. Although many sedans have extremely high safety ratings, what matters more in terms of sales is how safe the consumer feels. Being higher off the ground makes them feel safer around larger vehicles, like long-haul trucks and utility vehicles. The height also brings up another matter – comfort. No one can deny that getting into a sedan is nowhere near as comfortable or as spacious as getting into a truck or SUV. Combine all these amenities, and it is easy to see how auto trends have favored the sale of the truck.

And when it comes to offering these amenities, few trucks can accomplish them quite as well for quite so reasonably. The Ford F-150 is among the few.

History of the Ford F-150

The Ford F-Series has been in production since 1948. The truck came through that year as the best car in the nation that addressed the increase in labor after men returned home from World War II. The F-Series had a better payload and build to take on the work that had been forced upon cars and trucks built on car chassis before.

The breakout generation, however, did not come until the sixth generation. The sixth-generation saw improved brakes, more galvanized steel use, and increased cabin size. Ultimately, this comfort and technology advancement was what kickstarted the F-150’s popularity, and in 1977 it finally became America’s best-selling vehicle. To keep itself in the top spot, the makers of the F-150 have made sure to keep up with car consumer trends. The result has meant that the F-150 has gone through many remodels, but has remained the best truck in the Ford Lineup. As of the present, the F-150 is on its thirteenth generation.

Why Has the F-150 Stayed So Popular?

With so many different trucks available in the market, how is it that the F-150, in particular, has managed to stay so relevant? The answer – the F-150 has continually updated its relevance to fit with the needs of consumers.

Trucks were created as a tool for the manual laborer, and their build reflected that. They were stocky, hard-working, and able to pull a significant amount. Today, people still want and crave that from a truck. However, truck buyers are no longer just for utility. People are using them for off-roading purposes, for hobby-hauling, and even just for getting around town. In response, Ford has managed to increase the size of the F-150 to make it more comfortable, reduce its weight to improve its gas mileage, and amped up its hauling capabilities to make sure that it can still be used for what a truck was initially used for.

Additionally, the F-150 is one of the most customizable trucks available on the market today. Its standard package does a lot, but you can choose to upgrade the way it looks, how much it can haul, and what it can help you do off-road. Therefore, when you buy an F-150, you’re not buying a truck that can do it all from the get-go – you’re buying a truck with the potential to do it all at your command.

Together, we can continue to make the Ford F-150 America’s best-selling truck. If you need a new truck, make your way down to one of our Zeck Auto locations in Oklahoma or Kansas. To browse our current selection, click here.

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