Ford’s Impact on the Electric Hybrid Industry

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2020 Fusion Hybrid

Ford made headlines in the past decade by discussing plans to phase out sedans to focus on truck and SUV production. Many remarks about the switch concentrated on the potential impact this switch would likely have on the environment. However, amid this major switch, there was one other big announcement – one that came in tandem with the announcement to phase out sedans.

Early in January 2018, Ford announced that it would increase investments in its already-planned electric vehicles to $11 billion. Those investments meant that Ford would increase its hybrid lineup to 40 cars by 2022 – which meant forty more vehicles with the potential to curb greenhouse gas emissions and increase their gas mileage. Ultimately, this was a huge win for consumers and the environment alike. So, how did this big win fall on deaf ears? We’re not sure of that, but what we are sure of is Ford is not going to take a back seat in the race toward sustainable transportation.

With 2020 already here, we’ve already seen just how far Ford has come in the Electric car industry, and just how exciting their investment increase is.

Ford’s First Claim to the Hybrid Electric Game

Toyota laid claim to the first widely-accessible Hybrid car, but Ford was not long to follow. It was Ford introduced the first-ever hybrid-electric SUV – the Ford Escape Hybrid.

The creation of the Ford Escape Hybrid in 2005 was a testament to the cooperation of great minds in the automotive world. Ford and Toyota worked together on a licensing agreement for Ford to create the Ford Escape Hybrid. The deal included Toyota allowing Ford to use 20 patents for the creation of the car, although the design of the engine was attributed to Ford alone. In 2008, Ford then came out with the beloved Ford Fusion, their first electric hybrid sedan.

With the introduction of the Ford Fusion into the lineup of hybrid cars on the market, Ford’s stake in electric and hybrid vehicles significantly increased. Alongside Toyota, they became the world’s second-most famous car brand to produce hybrid electric cars. People were buying them – and for a good reason. As wars in the Middle East escalated and oil resources grew more sparse, the price of gas skyrocketed. The time had come for major car brands to address the needs of car buyers. Those needs included a car that looked after their wallets when it came to fuel.

As of 2019, there are over 1,000,000 electric cars on the road, and nearly 70,000 of those were the Ford Fusion. Ford’s cars remain in the top ten most popular electric vehicles available today, and we estimate this will only increase as more Ford hybrids hit the market.

Current Hybrid Vehicles

The Ford Fusion isn’t the only hybrid vehicle Ford makes today, though it indeed remains one of the more popular ones. The 2020 Fusion Hybrid starts at $28,000 and gets as much as 43 MPG. All Ford’s plug-in hybrids can be charged using a 240-volt outlet in three hours.

Other hybrid and electric cars from Ford include:

The 2020 Escape SE Sport Hybrid. The 2020 Escape recently went through a complete remodel, reshaping the way that it looked, its aerodynamics, and its interior space. Part of the interior space redo included moving the battery out of the cargo area to increase the interior room. The Escape has been a champion of Ford electric cars since the beginning, so not including it on the list would be disappointing.

The 2020 Fusion Plug-in Hybrid allows drivers to plug in wherever they can find a spot. While the hybrid still utilizes gas, getting an estimated 42 mpg combined, the plug-in will enable you to operate the Fusion in fully-electric mode.

The Explorer Limited Hybrid is particularly exciting in that it offers the best towing package for an electric car today. Additionally, it has off-road capabilities, which make it a perfect adventurer’s car. With its Hybrid boost, it is possible to get an EPA-estimated 500 miles from the time you fill up to the time your tank is empty. Ford plans to increase that range in the future.

Four electric car hybrid models are a lot more than many major car brands offer. Yet, Ford is still working on more when many other major brands are just grappling with introducing and improving their first models.

Looking Toward the Future

Already, Ford has announced the 2021 release of the Mach-E – an all-electric, sleek performance sports car (based on the Mustang) that boasts a 300-mile range. As well as being a beautiful car, it gets an excellent range for a fully-electric vehicle. Not everyone wants a sports car, but everyone who loves electric cars should be excited by this announcement. It means that the future of vehicles is sustainable when a leading, affordable brand plans to release a fully-sustainable car.

Ford’s focus on creating more Hybrid vehicles is extremely hopeful when it comes to the future of environmentally-friendly transportation. Sure, hybrids don’t work entirely on electricity, so there would still be a dependence on fossil fuels until fully-electric cars became mainstream. Additionally, many electric charging stations still depend upon fossil fuels. However, this shows that a leading United States Company is committed to disrupting dependence on oil and gasoline. Others will follow suit, so even announcing a plan to create 40 hybrid vehicles in the future is a win for the environment.

Car companies thrive on competition. They will never settle for the same because the same doesn’t sell. As Ford’s competition continues to create hybrid vehicles, as well as fully-electric cars, they will eventually step out of the ordinary to sell their vehicles. We can expect that the Future of Ford will not only bring hybrids but will ultimately bring environmentally-sustainable cars to the forefront.

Would you like to see what Ford’s current Hybrids can do? Whether you’re looking for a car that gets excellent gas mileage or one that can save the environment for your children, Ford has a vehicle that you can use. If you live in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, or Purcell, stop by a Zeck Auto location to find out more.

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