The Difference Between Buying New vs. Used/Pre-Owned Cars

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So, you’re on the hunt for a car. Maybe you’re dead set on getting an unused, released-this-year, shiny, new car-smelling vehicle to cruise around Oklahoma City in. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for a daily driver that isn’t going to cost you a ton: preferably a reliable, pre-owned car. Or maybe you need a truck that can help you get your job done and look professional doing it.

Whatever your preference, considering the difference between buying new or pre-owned will help you make a smart purchase decision. Zeck Auto has a wide variety of both new and used cars for all buyers. Here are some of the things we suggest shoppers think about before purchasing their next vehicle.

Price Differences: New Cars vs. Used Cars

There is no simple way to determine whether a new car or a used car will save you more in the long run, because every car and every car buyer is unique. Everything—from the amount you drive, the condition of the vehicle, and what you intend to use your vehicle for— will influence the price of the car over time. Here are some of the most significant factors that can influence the overall cost of the car:

  • Vehicle history. A well-maintained, single-owner car with low miles will be priced higher than a vehicle with high mileage, multiple owners, and a few fender benders in its history. Vehicle histories are vital information that you should always consider before making a purchase, especially if the price difference pushes a car out of your budget.
  • Fixes. Newer cars are less likely to need many repairs compared to used cars. This isn’t to say that all new cars will never need a fix, or that all used cars are lemons. The right used car, especially one that you commit to doing regular maintenance to, can be just as reliable as a new car. However, with older cars, you might need to factor in the amount you save on monthly car payments against how much work it may need in the near future.
  • Aftermarket parts or additions to cars. If you’re hoping to modify a vehicle, it can sometimes cost more to modify a new car. Many old vehicles can be adjusted for much cheaper. However, if one of the most important items on your wish list is the latest technology, you will probably want to buy a new vehicle with all of it built-in.
  • Gas prices. Many new cars are quite fuel efficient, but when it comes to determining which will be more cost-effective, you will need to do individual research by make, model, and even engine size.

Ways of Purchasing

How new and pre-owned cars can be purchased is also very different, as many of our shoppers might understand—and each comes with benefits and disadvantages.

You can buy used cars at dealerships or from private-party sellers. The age of the Internet has made buying and selling cars online seemingly easy, but buying on online platforms comes with its disadvantages. You often have to be your own advocate—taking potential cars to trusted mechanics for a second opinion, speaking with banks about loan options, and trying out many before you come to the right one. It’s an exhausting process, all things considered. However, online tools have also made it easy to find used cars within your budget, mileage specs, and more.

At a reputable dealership like Zeck Auto, all our used cars come with a 120-point inspection from our expert service technicians. And because we’re a car dealership, we can help you find financing as you sit and relax in our office. You don’t need to do any additional legwork to verify the vehicle’s condition or to shop around at multiple banks to find the best car loan.

At Zeck Auto, you can purchase both used and new cars from a range of brands. Click here to browse our current selection of used and pre-owned vehicles. We also offer 100% online or over-the-phone purchasing, and, if you want, we’ll even deliver your car to your door.

Differences in Financing Options

When you buy used from a private party, it is up to you to find a way to finance the vehicle. You will either need to have enough cash to pay up-front for your car, or find a lender to provide you with a private-party car loan.

If you want to avoid the headache of all of that, you can go to a car dealership with a huge pre-owned inventory and connections with a variety of banks to get you an affordable loan option. Even at Zeck Auto, you can come with your own financing, however, if you prefer to secure it on your own.


Used and pre-owned cars get a bad rap—they’re often maligned as being lemons. This just isn’t the case, especially if you choose to buy from a reputable car dealership that puts their inventory through a multi-point inspection before offering them for sale. Zeck Auto is one such place that completes inspections before selling pre-owned cars and trucks. .

This is not something that new car shoppers have to worry about. However, it is always worth it to ask about any known issues with that make and model of car and ask that any existing recalls be repaired before you drive off the lot.

Warranty Differences

New cars almost always have some sort of warranty—in the case of new vehicles, it’s usually about clarifying what is and what isn’t covered under warranty. The drivetrain and major mechanical and electric systems are generally covered in new cars. However, things like a popped tire, new windshield, or broken door handle are things you will likely need to cover.

The good news is that reputable used car dealerships, like Zeck Auto, will usually have warranties on their pre-owned cars, as well. These warranties are traditionally months-long and cover major electrical and mechanical failures.

Still not sure whether you want a new car or a used one? Zeck Auto can help with that. Visit our new car inventory page to find something that sparks your interest. Then, come visit us in Purcell, Oklahoma to learn more about our great cars.

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