Why We Thoroughly Inspect Every Pre-Owned Car and Truck

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2019 Ford F-150

It seems that when you look at it closely buying a used car or used truck has many advantages over buying a new car. The most obvious reason to go with a pre-owned car for sale is that new cars lose value at a much higher rate that used cars.

Because people really like the feeling of driving a brand new car, once your vehicle is even a few days only the value has dropped significantly were you to sell it. It’s no longer a new car! Manufacturers are also constantly producing new models every year and when they produce a new model, that “new” car that you decided to buy last summer loses value again.

Buying used feels much more stable. After that first drastic reduction in value, every subsequent price drop is easily predictable. Used cars retain their value much more efficiently than their new counterparts do as the worst depreciation has already been borne by the first owner. Used cars also enjoy lower insurance and registration costs.

Overview of Our Inspection Process

In addition to all of the things we learned above the simple fact that you are going to get a much better deal when buying used remains, you are guaranteed to get a much better deal. When you buy a pre-owned truck for sale at Zeck, you can be sure that every vehicle has had to go through 120 different points of inspection before you even see it on the lot. Such strict checks before we put vehicles out ensure that you are sure to get the best possible condition when you buy a used vehicle from us.

The inspections we do ensure that we know the history, maintenance schedule, and chain of ownership on each of our used vehicles.

We put each of the vehicles we test through various industry standard safety and performance tests. These tests are in compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety standards. The NHTSA and IIHS test all cars for their safety ratings and performance. When we get a car on our lot, we strive to maintain the standards of the NHTSA and IIHS and ensure that your car is performing within their strict standards.

We have strict standards we comply with when inspecting both the interior and exterior of our used vehicles. We only accept cars in the very best of condition and we have experienced service centers that consist of both body repair experts and expert detailers who have years of experience. Our service centers ensure that every little detail is perfect, so when you buy a used car from us you are given a perfect experience.

To ensure your car runs for as long as possible we run a thorough and exhaustive engine test before we put our used cars out. We catch any problems even if they are hard to spot BEFORE we put our cars out for sale in Purcell, Oklahoma City, Moore, and Norman (Oklahoma). You can be absolutely sure that the engine you get from us runs flawlessly for many years to come.

Different Reason to Buy Used

Price Point

Studies have shown that most people do want new features in their car; however, they feel just as happy when they buy a used car that has a newer manufacturing date than their current car.

When compared to the group that bought a new car, those who bought a used car actually reported higher levels of satisfaction with their car because they still had all of the newer features but their purchase cost them a lot less.

Many More Options

New cars tend to have limited options, trims, and availability. When you decide to buy used you have unlimited variations in the options that you can pick from. You can be as meticulous as you want and can get the perfect package you desire. Don’t let the limited options of new cars limit your horizon.

Operating Budget

When you take a careful look into how much it costs to maintain and operate a new car versus a used car, it shows that used cars are cheaper than their newer counterparts are. This seems counterintuitive but if you break it down it becomes apparent.

Used cars come with lower insurance, registration, and purchase costs. This renders the price of owning and operating a used car cheaper and more affordable. If value is your first priority, it becomes difficult to decide on a new car when you think of how much cheaper used is.

Easier to Maintain and Manage

Used cars also happen to be stolen at a much lower rate than new cars! This fact can and does lead to a psychological component that comes with buying a new car. New car owners are often worried about the security and safety of their new cars. They even go so far as to have new measures implemented to ensure the safety of their new purchase. Their worry can even be arguable justified given the high rate of thefts associated with new car purchases. Put your mind at ease and get a used car instead!


Hopefully the details of this article will have convinced you to buy a used car at Zeck auto dealerships in Purcell, Oklahoma near Oklahoma City. Our inventory currently consists of nearly 1,000 used cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Every single one of our vehicles has gone through our rigorous 120 points of inspection. Everything from the engine block to the tail lights has been thoroughly reviewed and inspected so you can rest easy knowing that the used car you bought from Zeck will be running for as long as you need it to before you decide to trade it in to us for something better.

If you need help getting your new used car, we accept almost everyone at the Zeck Ford and Zeck Chevrolet Finance Departments. From good credit to bad credit, you can qualify for an auto loan! We are committed to give you the best experience possible at Zeck Auto.

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